1. Frank Burns

    Kudos to Ms. Lohan for finding an inventive way to make us once again question her physical beauty, with bald spots an excellent follow-up to her earlier efforts in emaciation and meth teeth. Oh Lindsay, what will you surprise us with next – perhaps a coquettish bout of Kardashian-inspired psoriasis?

  2. Hobo Wine

    It looks like Samara, the “Ring” chick, is trying to escape the hell that is Lindsay’s body and wants to get back to the well ASAP!

  3. hugh jorgin

    wow. lohan is quite the catch for an old meth hag. what lucky man will have the honor of making this beautiful, radiant specimen his wife!? broken teeth, nicotine stained fingers, taggy sits, the skin of an old leather handbag, and now balding. rraawwwrr.

  4. Penis Wrinkle

    How fitting to be picking up food at a place with Baldi in the name….

  5. I sitll can't believe its not butter

    … I don’t think she’s balding it looks like her roots are grey

  6. Bionic_Crouton

    All kidding aside, I hope she didn’t drive there.

  7. blahahahah

    Holy fucking shit she gets worse by the day. Like, what will it actually take for her to hit rock bottom and bounce back? I feel like she’ll just be dead in a few years.

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  9. anonym

    this bitch has problems
    trichotillomania being one of them

  10. Judd

    I guess once your brain is all fried up, The next thing to go is your hair

  11. neeciepeace

    Just nasty and ridiculous. Train wreck.

  12. StayPUFT Overlord

    The coke is trying to seep out the back of her skull.

  13. Cock Dr

    That’s bad. That could negatively impact the blow job business.
    No one wants to see that while looking down at the top of a woman’s head.

  14. scotta

    c’mon you guys – nobody’s noted the irony that she’s picking up take-out at E Baldi?

    E… Baldi??? That shit’s ez pickins.

    And she’s a whore, in case that were less obvious.

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