1. LJ

    More chins than a Chinese phone book…

  2. vandinz

    FUCK ME! She looks like she’s in her 50s here. What a waste.

  3. O'chunt

    What the fuck fuckety fuck? How old *is* this tramp anyway?

  4. Frank

    Its a guy you fucktards.

  5. milkshake

    Wait…is this really her? She looks like she is wearing a sort of mask. But maybe it is because the freckles and tattoos are the same?

  6. Jesus, it’s Betty Davis from “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” Of course, Betty Davis was 54 when she shot “What Ever Happened…” (and they intentionally made her look much older than she actually was) and The Disaster is 26 but who’s counting…


  7. Don’t be mean. She was clearly filming Liz Taylor’s last days.

  8. The Pope

    And in a case of role-reversal, here we have Elizabeth Taylor playing Lindsay Lohan.

    Yes, I know she’s dead.

    My original statement still stands.

  9. noname

    She’s about a year younger than me, yet manages to look like my mom

  10. ayo

    (Loses eyesight)
    *Sighs* “That’s better.”

  11. Porno

    Sad to say I stared in a porn with this hag.. …still has to be better than Lindsy. Just saying.

  12. anonym

    holy fuck she looks 50 here.

    Almost looks like Roseanne

  13. She was probably on set for a pre-taping and then one of the crew walked up to her and said “Mr Walters, its almost time to start, I told warned you that Ms. Lohan was going to be late?”

  14. oldfool

    Muy caliente Cholita.

  15. Hate Mongrel

    I don’t blame her for skipping out on Barbara Walters. She’s been known to ask brutal questions like, “If you were a twee, what kind of twee would you be?”, and “What superpower would you most want to have?”

  16. god-damn, that face just gets more hideous each and every week!!!
    although i am horrified by what i see- i just can’t turn away due to a morbid fascination by just how bad can she get!
    time can only tell us…….

  17. Jess

    Damn. Is Lohan preparing for a role as Carnie Wilson back in her bloated days?

  18. Jake

    …and to think I use to flap off to thoughts of her back in the day…god what was I thinking…

  19. You can do a lot of things with plastic surgery that subtly enhance, but it appears the quickest way to look terrible is through the lips. The lips, girl, why did you mess with the lips?!

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