1. Meepers!

    It’s nice to see the Albino from the Princess Bride getting work these days.

  2. yihawww

    she looks pregnant lol

  3. cc

    Just pointing out that you’ve got this completely wrong. It says ‘Lindsay Lohan at the gallery opening of Terrywood’. I am pretty sure it should read ‘Mrs. Lindsay dropping her grand kids off at the Terrywood day camp’. Do I have to check everyone’s work around here?

  4. Mikael Lohan

    I still don’t know why they’d put this dirty delinquent no-talent jizz receptical on SNL.

    • BeBo Wobbley

      So a shit faced, no class, name stealing, cum dumpster like you could comment about it,,,,why else?

      • Mikael Lohan

        You hurt me very badly. I may be a cum dumpster with shit on my face, but how dare you say I have no class.

  5. hhh

    I see she’s already puttin a hurtin on those new teeth. Someone get this girl a toothbrush.

  6. CocoJumbo

    What the hell is wrong with her face?

  7. Tyler Perry

    Kate Hudson much, Lindsay?

  8. Sprmcandy

    C*U*T*E girl.

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