1. chmod

    There’s no doubt the “men” that read this blog will write bad things about her, but she looks great.

  2. anonym

    i know she’s got STDs, but she looks fuckable here

  3. guttboy

    hhhmhh….he said wad….and face:)

  4. “Things have really loosened up since that Clinton scandal,” the foreign diplomat said on his cell phone. “Not only do they openly invite whores to these dinners now, but they pose in front of the cameras and everything.”

  5. karl anglin

    Have to admit Lindsay looks pretty decent here!

  6. ferlo

    she looks good

  7. welldoneson

    Her face is freakin’ warped.
    Genetic mutations ongoing.

  8. spartacus

    Yup, this is the best LiLo’s looked in a long while

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