1. Whoopi

    I’m older than she is, but she looks older than me, what’s going on here!

  2. CranAppleSnapple

    Me too!
    Now we know the real reason she couldn’t go on the Ellen show. Her face is jacked to hell. Bicycle pumps are not the way, sweety.

  3. weirded out

    WTF is going on with this girl’s face??? She is only 2-freakin 5, looks older than my 52 year odl mom. sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  4. what, is she holding a load in there?

  5. Cock Dr

    Excessive alcohol
    Prescription drugs
    Non prescription drugs
    Multiple “cosmetic” procedures on the face
    Yup, she’s taken really excellent care of her assets. Lookin’ good.

  6. Heruhito Jones

    Lindsay Lohan seen her with what will become the ugliest fucking double chin.

  7. jt

    great dentures. they only age her 50 years.

  8. ayo

    Guess Lindsay missed that special report about the fake doctor injecting cement into her patients. Bad weekend, lose 10 grand in an overpriced bag and get ripped off by a cement-trunked hag. Look mom, I rhymed!

  9. Terry

    Damn bitch! Um someone been pimping that juvaderm. Shit.
    Them drugs have taken a toll on her face. She looks older than ex base head Fergie.

  10. Eli

    She’s what…45? When does the ole “my parents are assholes” defense finally stop working?!

  11. Jessesgirl

    Marilyn Monroe lives!….LMAO

  12. MoonBeam

    Donatella Versace is lookin good!

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