1. rantatonne

    “Wait, there are drugs and alcohol here? NO WAY!”

  2. Swearin

    “Cocaine? Is that you?! I can feel your presence…what’s that? You want to be inside me?”

  3. Amy

    Now that technology has improved, we are better able to have a glimpse of the 1967 photo of Sasquatch. Note it’s human-like stride and angry, swollen face.

  4. Frank Burns

    “Judy Coke-Usey and the Up Her Sniffer Summer”

  5. L LE WELLE N.

    My penis is broken!

  6. If Evian is naive spelled backwards, then her bottle should read Akdov.

  7. “Lindsay… It;s your conscious.Things are going well for you. You know what you have to do don’t you?”
    “Fuck up?”
    “That’s my girl…”

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