1. Dave Mustaine

    So gross. Used and abused trash.

  2. What kind of violent, trailer park sex do you have to be involved in to cover yourself in bruises and scabs like she has?

    A random finger print here or there is one thing but to have your entire body marked like you have been pushed down a flight of stairs is carrying it a little too far.

    Me thinks this girl is into some freaky shit.

  3. Alexandrov Fedoseev

    The guy who has to photoshop these will have a tough month. Either the computer is going to catch on fire or he’ll shoot himself.

  4. Do Freebird

    These unaltered pictures show the true Lindsay – hard, on the edge of being straight, but not quite there. And that’s the problem with LiLo at this point in her life. They can clean her up as best as possible and then photoshop as many still pictures as they want to put in a magazine, but there is no way to photoshop her entire life. The unvarnished ugliness that she has becomes “shines” right through. Kind of sad really.

  5. Pio

    The clothes are hideous, too.

  6. Queef Sister

    This must be from the “Patriotic Executive Lot Lizard” collection. It will fly out the doors at Target!

  7. She’s not working, her knees are together.

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