1. jeffiner

    this bitch’s boobs are way too saggy to not be wearing a bra.

  2. BP

    I would kill to be that bra……….

  3. BK

    When did Lindsay’s boobs turn 60?

  4. it’s not just you, Lindsay. i love your tits too!

  5. B L Zebubba`

    She’s free-boobin’ it.

  6. B L Zebubba

    She’s free-boobin’ it.

  7. What a Hoo Bag she is , For the men out there keep your women away from her : (

  8. sweetlips

    The hair on her head is hideous :/

  9. Crystal

    Why did she have to do that to her tits? Does she just not understand it doesn’t look good? Disappointed… but who am I to judge? I am a nobody, after all.

  10. Crystal

    Just joking about the nobody, but you know what I mean. My name isn’t known by millions of people.

  11. Haragopal

    Why not let the past stay there. All of us only have the present to do mtseohing in and I applaud Lindsay for such an outstanding photo shoot. Perhaps her life will turn around and we’ll all feel good about it.

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