1. Chris


  2. I just OD’d on peroxide just from looking at this.

    I wonder what goes on inside that kid’s head.
    I bet even Cthulhu tries to talk him out of it every night when it comes to feed on his soul:

    “Thou doth not HAVE to do this, thou knowst?”
    “Nah, it’s okay…”
    “I mean, thou couldst bang ye daughter instead. Not that I can tell them apart either.”
    “Yeah… no, whatever”
    “Art thou sure?”

  3. Wonder – - – if Charlie would want her if she didn’t have The Hulks money.
    Answer: H_ _ L NO!
    Get a brain B _ _ _ _ H!

  4. Nomi

    I believe the peroxide has fried Linda’s brain. A 50 year, and a 21 year old? Of course, I guess it might be nice to have a “sugar mama”. She flaunts the way she took Hulk to the cleaners. Well I guess Hulk got payback…he has a gorgeous, young Finacee’. I guess alls well that ends well…Hmmm.

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