1. Elizabeth II

    She said she wanted to retire, dedicate herself to her family and all, well, congrats lily, you made it ! and you also look like 98,9 % of british women, fat, gross to look at, full of kids and fuckable when really piss drunk ! ; ) cheers !

  2. George

    I’m frightened by the “view full size” button above the picture.

  3. dr.jimmy

    I liked her songs and especially her voice. She was never super hot, even before having kids. In fact she came close to be more or less attractive only once in a video for Not Fair. To say something positive: her skin does not look seriously damaged and she’s quite young. She could be hot after about a year of serious workout. But I doubt she’d care.

  4. ShannyP

    Who doesn’t look like that after they had a kid. I looked like that, so did every normal person I know. It goes away. Just because she didn’t have it all sucked out like the vain bitches that society worships doesn’t make her a bad person. Anyone that thinks this wrong and there is something wrong with her should have their head examined.

    This is what is wrong with society. Maybe everyone should look in the mirror before they criticize a young mom for not getting rid of their belly fat quick enough. You are all pigs.

    • Her daughter is almost 1 year old. That is not “pregnancy weight”, that is a fat woman.

      Hold yourself to higher standards ladies. Lord knows I do (hold you to higher standards).

      • You realize she had a baby in January of this year, right?

      • You do know it’s october right?

      • The bitch

        you do realize that pregnancy weight doesn’t go away in 9 months?

        No wait you obviously don’t or else you wouldnt make such an idiotic comment about it you asshole. We were not placed in this world so we could be up to your ridiculous standards because God knows you don’t even come remotely close to the standards of a real woman.

      • Megan

        Hey The bitch… I had a baby in February. I certainly DON’T look like that. I am smaller than I was before my baby. Why are you selling this bs? Does it make you feel better?

    • Buck Nasty

      Umm, that’s not just belly fat. It’s all over her. Shame she doesn’t have enough respect for herself to even manage her weight. Maybe you and Lily both share a warped sense of what should be proper. Who actually looks likme the “pig” now???

  5. She’ll have some hit songs with that body
    “Suiting up for the buffet”
    “Hanging over for some Hot-Wings”
    “Peas and Me”
    “The Gospel of Onion Powder”

  6. Jay

    Paparazzi taking photos of family moments should be shot.

  7. cc

    She abandoned music and took up sumo. Not the most orthodox career path, but who am I to judge?

  8. I understand the fascination with those websites predicting what a person will look like in 20 years, but did they really have to do Honey Boo Boo?

  9. hollyhood

    she’s clearly comfortable in her own skin, and why not? there’s so much of it.

  10. Still would… ask her to help me move heavy furniture.

  11. chrisbreezyboxingacademy

    oh jesus christ almighty, did I lose the baby weight? no, not slightly

  12. Motorboat Captain

    Wait, I’ve seen this one. Patrick Swayze wins the dance contest and the job at Chippendale’s.

  13. Deacon Jones

    She looks like Chris Farley doing his “In a Van, Down by the River!” skit.

  14. Elf

    Oh, it’s not fair
    and it’s really not ok
    it’s really not ok
    it’s really not ok

    Oh, you’re supposed to care
    but all you do is take
    yeah all you do is take

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