1. absinthe

    I feel ashamed having to share a birthday with her. :(

  2. Lippen Whiskey

    Truly, if you ever post stuff like that again, this site should be shut down immediately.

    That girl used to look half decent but she’s becoming a Child of Wildenstein. Cute girls, please say Hell No to plastic surgery.

  3. AnnaDraconida


  4. is that Nutella?

  5. The Dude

    I honestly thought they made another wax statue…

  6. Pixie

    Ok just looking at her, she’s had a couple of rhinoplasties, that much is evident. She looks like she’s had a brow lift and either cheek implants or fillers because she looks like she’s storing nuts. She’s obviously wearing a hairpiece….not sure who told her it looks natural, you can see how fake the hairline is. She’s had implants and god knows what else. She went from a plain girl to a very scary looking woman. If you think it looks bad in pictures, wait til you see this in real life….people like this look like plastic statues…it’s really freaky.

  7. FH

    Shit, I want a Nutella milkshake!

  8. What No Star?

    @ The Dude…I know, right? Couldn’t agree more. She needs to go back and get some more plastic surgery to restore her original looks. She totally looks like wax.

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