1. Sledman

    She still dresses like a lesbian.

  2. John Carey

    Lets talk to the Christians: Ever notice that it is always the non-sinners that throw the most stones. When they brought Mary to Yahshua saying : “This woman was caught in adultery, in the very act. Moses says to stone her. What do you say?” (Thought they were going to put one over on the inteligence that brought the universe into existance.) He said: Let him that is without sin amoung you cast the first stone at her. Yahshua is the only one there without sin. (That’s something for you to think about CHRISTIAN.) He had MERCY on Mary. He also said in the Fifth chapter of Mathew: Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.
    You to me as being in the same boat as the scribes and pharacies back there. If you know what Yahshua said about them boys. Jesus Christ I’d be shitin my pants if I were you. I’d be bowed right down to the ground beging for His mercy. Chaz Bono would be the last of my wories.
    Which brings me to this question. All you stone throwing CHRISTIANS.
    Where did Christ ever give you the right or authority to condemn anybody?
    The only one you have to answer to is him. He isn’t going to go to anybody else about it. But you.
    Tell you something else He is rich in mercy and is not willing that any should parish That includes CHAZ BONO. He (Yahshua) DID NOT CONDEMN MARY Like the scribes and pharacies wanted. Chaz Bono’s life is none of your self rightous business. You do well to keep your mouth shut.

  3. meh

    Yikes, something that looks like an amorphous NASCAR fan with bad facial hair and a cross tattoo is surely pissing in God’s eye.

  4. Double D

    If her penis falls off and she accidentally slips on it, how many points will the judges deduct?

  5. Dude

    Better sign me up for re-education, ‘cuz calling her a dude doesn’t make her one.

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