1. Boo

    Don’t care about the sex change thing but he is FAT!!!!

  2. Grinder


  3. Tracey

    Why isn’t anyone chasing Carson Cressley down the street or harrassing that burn victim guy or HEY Nancy fucking Grace is SATAN herself. What about her? She offends me.

  4. Mark

    Goddam that’s a fat fucking fat chick.

  5. Brandi

    She/he is absolutely disgusting. And it’s not harassing just Christians to have to see SHIM dance, it’s harassing all of America.

  6. patrix

    Its like his face is resting in a beanbag made of hair.

  7. Greenie

    What has one thumb and just fucked Lohan? This guy.

  8. Pip pip cheery-o

    Hey, first of all I applaud the superficial, then I flip him/her the big finger. I’m a Christian, proud to admit that I have faith in God. Besides that, I couldn’t care less whether or not Chaz is on DWTS. Unless idiot parents are going to explain to their six year olds that “the fat guy had boobies like mommy but he cut them off, and a doctor made his pee-pee” I don’t see how kids would come to know the personal decisions Chaz made in gender reassignment. The host surely isn’t going to introduce Chaz as “the child of Sonny and Cher, formerly known to have a vagina.” There’s no place for discussing that topic on the show. It has NOTHING to do with the show! It ain’t Oprah!! I don’t give a damn what gender Chaz is. I hope Chaz is comfortable in his skin and feels he made the right choice for him because that’s what TRUE Christians hope for others, that they are happy and loved and comfortable with themselves because that’s the pinnacle of happiness! The fact that I believe in God doesn’t make me ignorant or blind to the obvious. Of course if we pump poisons into the atmosphere we’re gonna fuck up our happy Earth. Yes, having homosexual tendencies can be attributed to improper hormone levels occurring in utero. I don’t even remember all the other stereotypical bullshit the writer spewed about “christians,” but I did take offense to some of the statements. In a few minutes I’ll be over it and move on. Just exercising my constitutional right to say so.
    Have a happy day :D

  9. Steve

    The bloated freak will make a fool of herself….. I can’t wait.

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