1. whiskeyafternoon

    new pussy is always exciting, I get that. but Bar Refaeli seems like proof enough that Leo really is a moron.

  2. PRGM2

    When I was a bartender an old man told me, “Even solid gold pussy gets boring after awhile.”

  3. adolf hitler

    heres a tip, people: you cant take something for granted unless you have it. basically, this means that unless you got it like leo, youre in no position to call him an idiot. a fundamental truth for the laymen who are not familiar with biology: new pussy is always better.

    • um ok

      new pussy is better? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I’d like to see your wives/girlfriends @the ppl who wrote the first 3 posts. fuckn spare me. as if in a million years they would come close to looking like Bar. the closest you will ever get is jerking off to these above photos.

      • Your an Idiot

        New pussy is better in the celebrity world…look at all of them! leo did his deed and dipped. Obviously a typical persons past girlfriends are not gonna be celebrity sexy, but I sure as hell know my pasts are way better than anything youve see cause your so fucking retarded and pussywipped that you can’t see past the fact that there a other fuckin bitches. A bitch is a bitch and you should never regard her as anything other than a bitch, even if shes prettier than your ugly ass.

      • Ryan the Canadian

        Even though you won’t believe a word I write, I have dated women that are close to this calibre and I can tell you that a little bit of strange is always on your mind after a few years. Let’s face it, the old white trash saying is true: Hot but someone, somewhere is tired of putting up with her shit/having sex with her……Ultimately, for me, it was the former. Maybe Leo didn’t want to convert? Maybe her Israeli parents were overbearing turds? Only a few people will know and I for one, don’t give a shit. I’ll take Leo’s money, I don’t envy the fame or famous ladies – headaches both of em’ and with cash and no fame I can get a lady almost as hot and not as self absorbed.

  4. Brooke

    I was never into this girl before, but she needs to wear glasses all the time. She looks mighty hot as a naughty nerd.

  5. adolf hitler

    fact: you think old pussy is just as good if not better than new pussy

    fact: i lol @ you

  6. BooBies

    For any “average” man she is a keeper, but Leo could have sex 24 hours a day with 24 different women (all a 10 for us). He has the fame, money and looks to get any girl. If you where in his shoes or could pull off jedi mind tricks, you would do the same.

  7. Jovy

    Why is everything so heavily photoshopped these days? It’s depressing.

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