1. MrG

    Jumped-up Jesus, this pic made me cry a little. Yeah, tears, that’s where this moisture is coming from.

  2. CranAppleSnapple

    Eeeeeeeeew. Blergh.

  3. CP

    Dear god almighty, Leighton Meester you are an image of perfection.

  4. Mike

    Now that is a gorgeous woman,

  5. Dr. Ike

    I’d love to slide my tongue in that butt. She’s amazing.

  6. Master Cherry Plucker

    I’d grease my head and be catapulted out of a cannon, @500mph, and go into that FABULOUS ASS, head first! Shit, damn, fuck… her ASS is only 1/20 size of HIPPO Kim Kardashian’s…

    Seeing this, tonight, my trowsers are soaking wet, AND I’M PROUD OF IT!

  7. Peter

    I bet her ass tastes like delicious homemade blueberry pancakes.

  8. Cavallari's Taint

    If you don’t like this turd-cutter, you, my friend, don’t like women

  9. Carl

    Agree with you, CT. I wish they had pix of her actual butthole too. I wonder if she bleaches her butthole?

  10. Grand Poobah

    I think she is only a couple of years away from cellulite ass, looks well on the way there. Only saving grace, no stupid tattoos or coverups from previous bad decisions.

  11. Throjo

    There’s nothing like Meester kiester just after Easter.

  12. Deacon Jones

    And where has this been hiding?!

    I feel like I’m in the Smithsonian in the Renaissance section, sweet Jesus!

  13. I would tap that vanilla temple of goodness into oblivion…

  14. AAPL made me rich!

    white girl booty

  15. mimi

    First time in my life I have ever been attracted to another woman.
    True story.

  16. chris

    her ass is swallowing up that bikini. i had no idea her ass was that nice

  17. Weirdo

    I’d give her fart box a strong workout!

  18. Sheppy

    Yep, that is one god-damned amazing ass.
    Seriously, it upsets me to think I’ll never be intimate with such a nice ass IRL.

  19. That was a lob

    I wouldn’t ____ her ___ after I ___ it from ______.

  20. I initially thought this was going to be another post of pancakes masquerading as a butt; glad to see people actually know what a butt worth looking at is.

  21. kddkk

    i really want to see who all of these commenters are…omg. ridic

    • Totally. Being a dude in his late 30′s who personally knows guys who makes comments like “i’d hit it” or “stick my tongue in that” IRL, it generally says volumes about what they’re not getting. Or may be they’re just teenagers, which would be 100% acceptable. Hormones gotta go somewhere.

  22. anonym

    that’s a nice plump ass.

    i’ll have that whole for dinner.

  23. This is the point when I’m walking down the beach with my girlfriend, and my girlfriend sees something like this woman, and either a) starts talking up a storm so I don’t look or b) I try to be polite and not look and she says “jesus, did you see that girls ass?! It was awesome!” Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I live in hell.

  24. Hmmm

    why is this ass considered such perfection? its nice but not particularity amazing.

  25. Leonardo

    It’s the Mona Lisa of asses.

  26. Lively-itis:

    The effect of your co-star’s skyrocketing fame going straight to your hips…that or swallowing a giant cartoon sized eggplant.

  27. Elliott

    I always just thought this woman was a rail with no curves. I… am pleasantly surprised.

  28. I find myself clicking on this picture every day.

  29. I click on this picture each day because it makes me feel like the world is an OK place and we’re all going to be alright.

  30. CanuckCutie

    She’s a little softer than I realized, I like it, it looks womanly :)

  31. ingd

    damn,, that is one sexy ass

  32. Jean Deaux


  33. statue

    Oh hello, we meet again.

  34. Pru

    I just want to finger her asshole for hours.

  35. That is one butt-ugly coulda-been desirable girl . No muscle tone; mucho touched-up cellulite. Kinda like a flacid penis, the bane of our existence. Piece Ass de resistance??? No.

  36. Martin

    I’d eat her ass for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  37. rubbydubby

    She has the type of ass you just want to bury your face in and stay for hours.

  38. IdDoHerWithYourDik

    Proof that even UGLY women can be successful & have a great body to boot!

  39. the wrecker

    wayy too much meat packed in that back sack. no thanks.

  40. Bunu Yazan Tosun

    Bu karıyı domaltıp sikeceksin beeee

  41. swampy

    I’d hit it!

  42. b

    Meester keester

  43. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha

    Se esse bundão fosse um pouco mais bronzeado, ela seria ainda mais gostosa.

  44. Be honest…fat. Awesome face, derp body.

  45. I_Love_Butts

    Oh my GOD!!!

  46. Cock Dr

    We should take another look at this, for inspiration, right before we assume the elimination squat over the almighty’s sandal.

  47. I’ll never get tired of looking at the legendary Meester Keester.

  48. Yeah, I still love this picture of her ass. It’s fantastic, like cake.

    Delicious, scrumptious, scrumtrulescent cake.

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