1. Malcolm Corley

    Well, I don’t know what’s the surprise, I always thought she was really hot, the face reminded me a bit of Helen Hunt wich wasn’t a plus… but nice anyway

  2. Mike

    She’s always been hot.

  3. Google search

    If you search google images for her name, you will see that they sent that memo a long time ago!

  4. noyb

    Thin lips, pointed nose, flat hair, thrift store sunglasses & oh so stylish bag, and lipstick that looks like a 2 year old might try out? Granted she’s got a hot body but she’s headed down crazy street and needs a head transplant.

    • ranD

      please dont post a pic of your wife/gf/mom so we can see the angel you’ve compared her too…. leelee has ALWAYS been hot and is clearly just out strolling around, not filming or walking down a catwalk.

  5. matt

    she has always been hot… anyone who thinks otherwise must prefer men… and if they’re women, that’s understandable

  6. V

    Yeah, she’s always been hot to me too.

  7. Michael Dumoulin

    LeeLee is the sexiest woman in America. When she was younger, I would have went to jail, cause I would have sexed her like mad. IRRESISTABLE!!!

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