1. Roseanne Barr

    What a douche

  2. KingRamsesParrot

    It’s nice she can make light of not only destroying a marriage, but a family with young children. Just so funny…

  3. Ugh, she is just the worst.

  4. DisneyRapeBrigade

    I wouldn’t have guessed that. I assumed it was Wreck-Her service, and she was waiting to get wrecked.

  5. Chuck

    Who’s really surprised LePig Rimes is once again displaying her repugnant pride in being a whore? She’s irrelevant, which I’m sure is the most painful for her. We do get it. You said you were a whore, and we believed you the first time. You can stop now.

  6. Boots4me

    That’s cool and all, but seriously what boots is she wearing? Love it and must have them!

  7. lynn

    Its a no brainer leanne has the scruples of a wort hog but this picture is photoshoped check out in this photo the right side of her face looks like it was cut with a paint tool..”app” shes was born at night but not last night..

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