1. Chupacabra

    wow. no one cares. her ass is too unjuicy for my cuban ass.

  2. cc

    She should lean over a chair or kitchen counter for more stability.

  3. kingofbeer

    ok I get it now :)

  4. Parker

    She doesn’t have much of an ass but I would be happy to slip my weiner into what little ass she does have.

  5. Honest Abe

    Perfect form- judges give the bend-over a 10.0!

  6. RealMan

    No Ass. No Thanks

  7. Your Dermatologist

    There’s a pimple on her left cheek.

  8. phoar

    I’m a woman – I think she has the perfect ass.

  9. squirtdrinker

    I sure hope that Eddie is fucking that ass…

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