1. jorge

    stretch marks?

  2. Does not make up for the hideous face.

  3. Keno

    Looks like a miniature volcano…

  4. MH

    She must have thought it was a No ATE Party

  5. Deacon Jones

    Stretch marks on boobs that were naturally flat before implants?

    Ladies, help me out here.

    I know for a fact implants do not make stretch marks like that, ive been face deep in too many to not notice that (excluding the alcohol and drugs likely coursing through my body at the time)

    • Smapdi

      From some kind of amateur attempt at home liposuction using the vacuum cleaner?

    • MissJonsey

      She used to be a big ‘ol healthy Texas gal who could eat her enchilada plate and two she’s a skinny minnie hoity toity California broad who never calls her Mama.

      But I think it’s
      1) She used to be big
      2) She changed from round to teardrop or had them reduced and now they look like shit.
      3) If she ever has babies her boobs will be really fucked up.

    • ChewingSoup

      It’s called puberty and steroid 17-ketosteroid. Ever notice how most women have stretchmarks on their thighs or ass? And plenty of implants DO cause stretchmarks. Anything to do with rapid stretching of the skin causes it.

    • What she had before the implants was basically, er, nipples on a ribcage, mostly from anorexic weight loss in a desperate bid to look more like Brandi. She has them on her thighs, too … gross. Kate Beckinsdale has stretch marks on the boobs, too. But I like Kate Beckinsdale.

  6. If she’s trying to share the gift of bulimia, she succeeded, because I just threw up a little.

  7. Sir Sharts-a-lot

    It’s decent, isn’(t it)?

  8. leah

    actually breast implants CAN cause stretch marks I used to waitress in a strip club and girls who had no implants and then got them often had mega stretch marks from the stretching and lack of support. it DOES happen.

  9. I was actually distracted enough that at first I didn’t notice the Human Weathervane.

  10. Sardonic

    Cartoon man’s hair was actually laying flat until he got an eyeful of her tiny tittie tiger stripes.

  11. anonym

    I looked.

    then i saw the horseface.

    oooo. her kids are going to look ugleh

  12. cc

    Okay, let’s see if I can get this straight. The guy in the pink mohawk is protesting the harmonized sales tax. However, he’s gainfully employed as a process server, and is about to serve Eddie Cibrian. Meanwhile, an unseen woman has demanded LeAnn’s shoe and, remarkably, is going to get it. However, it’s all a ruse because the unseen woman doesn’t want LeAnn to see the spreadsheets that girl was about to hand her.

  13. jd

    God, even her nipples are boring.

  14. westy

    more interestingly, why is she hanging out with a troll doll

  15. HCS

    Just don’t say anything 2 negative about her on Celebitchy or they will delete your comment. They did it more then once to me and others. I think LeHag has them on her $$payroll$$. At first their posts about her were clearly negative but now they are much more favorable towards her.

  16. KenF

    Shame on her…keeping those little things up that late at night !!

  17. Infidel

    I think she looks great.

  18. tbirdsfast

    Come on now, folks. She can not help it that she has a basically unattractive face. She COULD help it , though, that she pursued an UNAVAILABLE man. She makes some sort of sniveling face that totally makes me NOT want to look at her. I did not notice, though, til she allowed herself to run off with another womans man. Shame on her. Shame. As for her new husband, how can he let her go out with her ‘goods’ on display like that. So… SHAME, again.

  19. Rick from Abington Mass.

    leave her alone jerks, take a look at yourself before you judge others, she is a very pretty woman

  20. Tony

    Bunch of dumb asses! LeAnn Rimes is HOT.

  21. Tony

    You’re a bunch of dumb asses. LeAnn Rimes is HOT!

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