1. Grace

    The security guard’s face at the top of the stairs says it all.

  2. maeby

    whoa. Who’s that delicious man in the uniform?

  3. mrsmass

    she’s so happy that someone is actually paying attention to her.

  4. Truthbetold

    Those are the legs of a Superstar!!!


    She looks great! Good for her. Great singer also.

  6. Whorse Whisperer

    Why does she constantly copy Brandi? That is the hairstyle Brandi wore on RHOBH on her first episode, ecxept Brandi’s looked good. LeeBiscuit never had any friends her own age growing up and never learned how to interact with other people. She just can’t relate to other people well. Having everything handed to her and never being told no by the people around her has made her socially retarded. That is why she can’t figure out why people can’t stand her. People outside her purchased circle will not indulge her in her fantasy and she can’t handle it. She is well past the age of knowing right from wrong and has no excuse for her whorrible behavior. To constantly covet everything Brandi does or has is beyond creepy. A whorse is a whorse of course.

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