1. George Clooney

    i’d eat her fartbox. If you idiots say you wouldn’t, well, your idiots.

  2. elliotspitzer

    Nice tukhus.

  3. LegMan

    If you didn’t who and what was on the front side, it would be a no-brainer. I just can’t keep that out of my mind, though.

  4. memoo

    That is a fabulous pooter. I’d do her hard. I just wouldn’t date her.

  5. Bob

    Does she realize her husband wrote her name above her ass so he can remember it while doing the nasty? Gotta give him credit, though: he does really nice calligraphy.

  6. Grand Poobah

    a serious crowbar ass

  7. Yeah. I’d get all up in that nastiness.

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