1. Frank Burns

    That’s right LeAnn, if you look just over there you’ll see the baby Jesus crying.

  2. her tits can’t even stand her, look at them trying to run away!

  3. yomomma

    shove a pole up her ass and use her for a scarecrow

  4. Hardly

    I used to enjoy turning the snake loose looking at her cute little face and body.

  5. All she needs is a pair of fake tits and a paper bag.

  6. She has the body of a teenage boy who just started lifting weights after getting fake tits.

  7. Mark

    She may just have the best bikini body on the planet. Absolutely flawless. You don’t get any hotter than this. Her abs and ass are as good as it gets. Even her fake boobs are decent, although she looked better before them WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ThisWillHurt

    Hm, what Rimes with failure?

  9. Rick from Abington Mass.

    you people are unreal, bullying her and being assholes, she is hot looking, don’t confuse ignorant with jealousy.

    God Bless and Peace leann

    Love Rick

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