1. I know picking on everybody is the cool thing to do but she looks pretty friggen hot to me.

    • Shorty80

      Are you drunk Andy? Seeing double could explain why you’re seeing a whole girl here, instead of walking popsicle sticks. :)

  2. Shorty80

    Her eyes and upper lip look like they’re being sucked into her head.

  3. nickjr

    got something stuck in my teeth…anybody got a toothpick? oh look there’s one. …with fake boobs.

  4. Seat Filler

    I had a hockey ball that went down the sewer yesterday
    hey boys I think I have a solution on how to get it

  5. Ann

    she’s still scary ugly. why is anyone still taking pictures of her??

  6. KC

    Kate Moss 2.0

  7. Mila

    What is wrong with her? Shakira-sexy…her-FUGLY

  8. alleycat

    Wow she looks hungry!

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