1. absinthe

    Are there people out there who actually think she looks good?

  2. Me

    These can’t possibly be the actual photos they’re using, right? RIGHT?! Nice impression of ‘sexy’ with the hat and finger in her mouth….she looks like a drowned rat. Only rats weigh more.

  3. badabing

    I think she has an awesome and toned body…..boob job is not good, at all. Nothing is worse than bagels on the chest……

  4. meh

    That’s right cover your butterface, now if you could just cover your whole body with that of your husband ‘s WAY hotter ex wife then we’d have a good picture.

  5. The Critical Crassness

    This is what happens to female country music stars when their fans turn on them for transgressions against another woman….they turn to cheesecake modeling of skimpy clothing…..or porno….Look for Taylor Swift’s pictures here soon..

  6. Nice location, shame about the “model”…

  7. Even with a few extra pounds, it would still feel like kissing a horse.

  8. Wait a second – does she have her thumb in her vag? Bonus points for that.

  9. anon

    face like a dropped pie.

  10. sweetlips

    Anime eyes, bolt on tits that looks like shit, and the anorexic look only add to the repulsiveness.

  11. Nina

    Ichh….please stop trying to convince us that this girl is good looking.

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