1. Ono

    Her cleavage is wider than the space between Amanda Seyfried’s eyeballs. You’d need a mule and a sherpa to cross that shit.

  2. jaded

    A little more separate and my dick fits

  3. barbosa

    She has so much money; i dont get it. I probably paid a lot less for my implants and they look a lot better

  4. JP

    Ya, not sure if it’s a bad boob job or a bad pose making it look like a bad boob job. Either way I don’t get why this would be a picture they’d use.

  5. jc

    Holy deformed sternum… she could give Audrina some competition for gappiest refund gap.

  6. DJ

    YUCK!!!! I think i just threw up in my mouth a little….

  7. Reece

    Bottom Half : 12 yr old boy.
    Top Half: Tranny Linebacker

  8. Modwild

    She doesn’t have any meat on her thighs. That’s why they look weird. It’s called skeletal. Exactly who I DON’T want showcasing my swimwear, because no one sees it. We’re too busy looking at her steps-from-death’s-door physique

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