1. Pangulin

    I wonder if the new improved boobs were an engagement present from Eddie or did she buy them herself? If Eddie did give them to her, are they going to be covered in the pre-nup or will they be community property and each of them get half when then inevitable divorce happens to this on-going train wreck of a relationship?

  2. The Original Shawn

    I want to slam my dick into LeAnne Rimes’ ass just as a service to Cibrian’s ex-wife. If anybody deserves a good grudge-fuck, it’s this screechy wench.

    • kel

      You just need a girlfriend. Such pent up anger and frustration within. Poor soul. You will heal soon, if you let go of your anger. You can do it. Till then, embrace your loneliness.

  3. Suud

    Wow. She has a strange figure. Her shoulders are almost twice as wide as her hips. I swear, if he were also wearing a bikini in pic #3, it would be hard to tell them apart.

  4. Dad is watching

    What do you expect froma woman with a tramp stamp?

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