1. I’d hit it….but then again I’m desperate

  2. e-rock

    looks like she bought a new rack to go with the new rock. lookin good!

  3. Robin

    That reminds me….I need to hit the gym…

    • Mel

      Why, so you can look like a freaking anorexic? I’m sure however you look is better than the way Leann looks in this picture.

      • jamie

        that is not anoreix, idiot., that is fit. sorry she doesn’t look like your fat mama. are those the women you desire. fat and out of shape. she’s beautiful. you are not. obviously.

  4. Blech

    Where are her hips?

  5. LEB

    Wow, she needs to have a kid or something. She’s got the hips of a 12 year old boy!

  6. pp

    not sexy at all…..what happened to real womens bodies???

    • gordo

      oh,. like the fat disgusting body of your mom. is that what tickles your fancy. this woman is hot. if you were on the beach with her, you’d be staring at her like a little boy. but you sit back and insult behind your computer bc it makes you feel better. you wouldn’t even have a chance with a women like this. foooool!

  7. peetmoss

    Lets see, shes rich.Shes beautiful.people are taking pictures of her.People are looking at those pictures. People are talking about her. That leaves the rest of the petty, miniscule minded maggots writhing in jealousy, all hopped up on hatred.

  8. celebsloveme

    fish, you make me sad. the first thing I thought when I looked at that first pic was “wow, she looks AWFUL”. Not healthy, unnatural and well, bad. I know you have a schtick for this website–”I like hot women, you’re only hot if you’re physically flawless, everything else must be mocked”–and I know people who come to this site know that, including me. But I do hope, for your sake, it’s just a schtick and your real life has little to do with the views you post about women on this site.

    • cyanne

      You are an idiot. Most likely a fat, out of shape idiot. she does not look awful. only awful looking ppl would say something like that. She is fit. people who are fat usually are the worst. they insult to make themselves feel good.

      • celebsloveme

        Trust me, saying LeAnn Rimes looks awful on a random celebrity gossip site does nothing for my self esteem. I’m sure you would think I’m a fatty if you saw me in a bikini, after all I’m 5’8″ and 132 pounds, gigantic compared to most of the women on this site. But the fact is, the woman in the above pictures is someone who has spent the last few months OBSESSING over her physical self to look like she does, including resorting to major surgery, denying herself food and overexercising. And that’s just sad.

    • NineInchNailed

      Okay jamie/gordo/cyanne or, rather, LeAnn, you’re not fooling anyone by writing under three different names. Also, you’re still a psychotic and anorexic bitch.

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