1. Grand Poobah

    nice bikini, shame about the face

  2. blah

    that’s a nipple

  3. JANE

    I’m a huge Leann hater especially because she has my dream guy and she’s SO ugly, but nonetheless she is looking a lot better. I still hate her and her horse face though.

  4. richie

    bangin’ bod.

  5. Face of a tranny, body of a teenage boy with breast implants. Fap yourselves silly idiots:)

  6. welldoneson

    If those boobs are real she’s one in a million.
    She isn’t. They aren’t.

    Having said that, I appreciate slim women and especially despise anyone disparaging them for being thin. Lord knows there are enough fat men and women around, now let’s not take shots at those who are able to be thin. The thin people I know say it feels good to be thin and they would be even smaller if society didn’t frown on such. I’d say Leanne is about right.

  7. CuriousTroll

    She looks a little tubby in these pictures. She just needs to lose like 10 pounds and she’ll be perfect.

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