1. President Clinton

    I would eat her bisquit.

  2. PtC

    Her stretch marks match her bikini bottoms

  3. hollyhood

    her face has that fucked up sort of “michael jackson/too much plastic surgery” appearance to it.

  4. DirtyFighter

    She still has the face of a horse, but at least her body looks healthier.

  5. The Pope

    Ha ha, what a… hey wait a minute, that’s alright.

  6. Quijibo

    Sorry. She looks good here.

  7. jeffiner

    with a face like that, you’ve got to come up with ways to keep your man interested.

  8. Joe Blow

    It’s about time.

  9. JasonH

    Stretch marks. She finally ate something.

  10. Lissa

    What happened to this girl? She was very private and then got a guy that is much too good looking for and is now this crazy attention whore. I definitely got it Leann..you landed a hottie. Good for you, now shut up and go eat something!

  11. Ninja

    She’s so freaked out that Eddie will cheat on her (as was proven that he will do first hand) that she has herself in an uncontrollable frenzy. No amount on skinny, pretty, ex-bashing will cure your underlying fears LeAnn. He’s a cheater and you are too.

  12. Sam

    She looks more and more like a street walker. She should go into porn.

  13. Scott Disick's love child

    What? She’s not skinny at all. She looks great.

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