1. jayef

    Tell me you wouldn’t dribble some cock snot down that ass crack.

  2. zilly

    Man shoulders.

  3. cdmsr

    I don’t follow this kind of celebracrap — and wish I hadn’t unknowingly followed this link — but you are, for the most part, a lot of pathetic losers. You sure go to a hell of a lot of effort just to hate on someone. You don’t like her, fine. I hadn’t even thought of LeAnn Rimes in a fuckin’ decade.

    And if she’s a homewrecker because of that goofy-looking dink she’s with, all I can say is she should’ve got his dumb ass out of the home before she wrecked it. Who the hell is he, anyway? No… never mind. Don’t even want to know.

    And ya’ll need to get a hobby, maybe read a book. Or try autoerotic asphyxiation. Some folks get pretty good results from that (for the rest of us).

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