1. Uncle Rodney

    That left stump looks like a top view of a moray eel.

  2. lolno

    Skinny but flabby. Enjoy your eating disorder, bitch.

  3. Eating Out

    I’d hit it.

  4. Yep

    Definitely hittable but lolno is right, “skinny fat”…. no tone. No fur on that either. And who cares about a cheating harlot slut’s parts anyhow?

  5. OhMy

    nothing sexier than a deflated upper thigh.

  6. Drundel

    Hatters gonna hate, but she does need to do some more leg workouts.

  7. jayef

    That navel needs spackle.

  8. Joe Blow

    You guys will have to excuse me… I’ll be back in about 4 minutes.

    Oh, and does anyone have any Jergen’s I can borrow?

    • ayo

      It’s reassuring that you’re probably a 45 year old obese man wearing his fav batman t-shirt living in the corner of your mothers basement while spending 21-hour days in front of his computer instead of walking the street amongst civilized human beings.

  9. Joe Blow

    Fap!! FAP!! FAP!!

  10. This tweet might be a cry for help. That looks like a gunshot wound.

  11. Storm

    Is that her belly button or are scientists growing a human ear out of her body like they did with those rats?

  12. So this is what it’s like to be a view of her implants.

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