1. bewbs

    those tits look terrible!

  2. graghlahan

    Her chest looks like the face of a praying mantis.

  3. catapostrophe

    She’s laughing, “You’ll never believe the deal I got on these after-market boobs!”

  4. HC66

    She’s the poster child for side boob.

  5. Kitty

    She is just really ripped…. she really isn’t that skinny. She’s fairly short most of her meat is muscle though instead of fat… i don’t really like this body type, she looks like a teenage boy….

  6. Jamie

    And see how they point in two totally different directions when I go like this? Ha ha, betcha Brandi’s don’t do that!

  7. Madison


  8. Weaselmouse

    Purely for the sick curiousity of it all, I want to see what that looks like naked.

  9. InternetRocketScientist

    Does this bitch do anything but hang out at the beach every day?

  10. Orange

    are those boobs ? o_O

  11. Are we sure she’s a woman? I’d say it’s a malnourished man with two breast tumors.

  12. Diane

    She tries too hard to have people believe she’s having such a great time. I don’t buy the photos of her laughing, with her mouth wide open, as she strikes a pose. She knows the cameras are there and she is playing up to them. Over doing it way too much.

  13. Alice

    She doesnt have a nice body period.No waist ,weird boobs ,chalky white skin .hm as much as she tries nature hasnt gifted her with a very attractive body .

  14. Grand Dragon

    I think her boobs must have the same magnetic charge because they are repelling each other.

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