1. catapostrophe

    She’s hilarious!

  2. Maeby

    I’m pretty sure there’s a drug deal going on behind her

  3. MisterSuccint

    She can’t wait to get her claws into another man … even while he’s being clawed by someone else.

    • Jake


      Your comment failed big time. You just sounded like some jealous insecure catty girl. What a puss! LOL

      • Deryn

        You sure showed MisterSuccint, Jake.

        PS: You know it’s “succinct”, right? Sorry, but that’s one of my favorite words. Ironically.

  4. Tamara

    she looks like a bubble head doll…………somebody needs to take her n feed her….poor thing swears she is sexy(an effect of her seriously malnourished brain)

  5. “…along with LeAnn Rimes. Seen here preparing to extract the soul from an innocent bystander.”

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