1. Grinder

    no fat on dem bones

  2. laia

    why does her stomach look weird, it looks manish, not like a womans flat stomach.

  3. catapostrophe

    Kevin Bacon seemed more masculine before those implants and all the bikini-wearing.

  4. Seth

    I think she looks hot.

  5. HC66

    Isn’t this the look Michael Jackson was going for?

  6. mike

    hey now, hey now na-now, sing this corrosion to me…

  7. TyroneBiggums


    That’s pretty much all that needs to be said here.

  8. amanda

    kids in 3rd world countries would look at her and say “damn lady! eat something!”

  9. Guest

    She looks like pretty much every model on every runway.
    Why are people making such a big deal? It’s sad, but there are unhealthily skinny girls all over the entertainment scene.

  10. Codot

    “And tell me now
    How do I live without food?
    I want to know,
    How do I breathe without food?
    I just do not know,
    How have I managed to stay aliiiiive?
    How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?”

  11. The Gov

    She is in perfect shape!! Gee, she has worked damn hard to achieve the figure and don’t knock her down!!

  12. Sprmcandy

    Yummy !

  13. ohwhatthehell

    Such an weirdly-shaped little home wrecker.

  14. Crapuella

    I don’t get why everybody says she’s soooo skinny. Not all women can (or would like to) look like Kim Kardashian, JLO, Beyonce or Kate Winslet.

    The boobs are horrid, though!

  15. Mia

    Those fake boobs, and horrible bones sticking out, looks like sh–!

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