1. Jenny

    She looks like a dude in this photo!

  2. greta

    her face is weird …

  3. Kristen

    haha she looks like a who from whoville

  4. T-Pain

    Slut for life! Yeahhhhh

  5. sweetlips

    dude looks like a lady

  6. Instlouie

    If you ran into that late in a bar you would be doing an Adams apple check…just sayin!

  7. she is so classy

    that guy is fugly

  8. Jackie

    Weight loss and a boob job won’t fix a squinty downy head. But don’t tell her. This is fun.

  9. Cindy Elmwood

    I am digging the tranny look.

  10. yeah

    She was a horse in a previous life

  11. T

    She looks like The Joker.

  12. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    I think I jerked off to this porn star.

  13. Bethy

    The new, more relatable face for Valtrex.

  14. smiley

    Somebody needs to tell her to avoid close ups AT ALL COSTS!! Talk about giving bad face… Put that mug on a condom wrapper and no one would ever sex it up again, guaranteed!

  15. joe blow

    I’d fuck the hillbilly smooth outta that.

    Either that or beat the filthy homewrecker to within an inch of her life with a two by four.

  16. momo

    face down ass up, I love Leeann Rimes, she is the right mix of sweet and dirty girl. Kind of has that Hayden thing going on, you know if you got her at the right time she would fuck you beyond anything you have known

  17. Mama Pinkus

    she really has an unfortunate face, and lots of makeup makes her look clownish

  18. Juice

    Every haters,She is a Beautiful Women no denying it so dont be [utting down a women with such beauty,seeing your all say things like that musty be you all have a complex…

  19. Hannah H

    Juice, ugly – no, cute- maybe, just a little, beautiful HELL TO THE NO! I don’t know what you see, but I surely don’t see anything beautiful about her.

  20. Hannah H

    she really shouldve gotten a nose job instead of a boob job, ughhh

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