1. Giggity

    Just tell me there are no panties under that outfit and my holiday fantasy is complete.

  2. J

    So this is what “homewrecking whore” looks like….good to know.

  3. Right On!

    Dude screwed up his own marriage. If he was cool he’d still have a family. Maybe he’s even happy. She seems to be.

  4. RRC

    With that screwed up nose of hers she looks like a slutty who from whoville.

  5. alex

    In pic one, she looks like Elisabeth Banks…and this troll doesn’t look like that.

    She pretty much grosses me out most of the time and then you see this pic and she looks smokin. Maybe it has something to do with her straddling position on the couch…like she’s on top and riding my cock.

  6. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    I’d ho ho ho that.

  7. Bethy

    Joan Rivers is actually starting to look decent. Just a few more surgeries probably.

    • Steve O

      Hahahahaha you so amusing!!!!

      Jealous much? Shes fucking hot. Regardless of her straying ways, shes hot, period. gtfo.

  8. eh

    shes a buttaface. plain and simple….

  9. DumbWhore

    I thought this was a picture of Hayley Duff. All these fugs are running together now.

  10. bunny


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