1. The one on the left looks delicious. The one on the right needs to cook some more…

  2. miguelito

    The one on the right looks right for the plowin’ – the one on the left, not so much.

  3. It had to be said

    So, this is that Bieber kid? Because I shouldn’t be able to see the bikini bottom without breasts obstructing the view on women . . .

  4. cc

    The left hand side looks a lot more appealing. I can state with all honesty that peeking down the top of a bikini like that and see the bulge of pubic mound literally makes my mouth water.

    I really don’t know why there aren’t more women out there willing to engage in recreational cunnilingus. I wouldn’t even demand a bj in return, although it would be nice. Come on ladies….spread’em.

    • Cock Dr

      By golly, there’s a phrase I like: “recreational cunnilingus”.
      Bravo cc.

    • sprezzatura

      Which ladies have you dated who would pass on “recreational” cunnilingus?? BTW, is there another kind of cunnilingus that *isn’t* recreational? What the hell else would it be??

  5. Cock Dr

    OK, that’s disturbing. It’s the EXACT same pose.
    LeAnne is obviously mental.

    • Dan

      Yes – and it is obvious it is on purpose – she even laid a towel on the bed like the beach towel in the ex’s pic.

      I *wish* I could say this is the most insane thing I have seen, but sadly I have personal experience that bests this… *sigh*.

  6. It needs a dash of breast. Not quote the overload of CoCo’s POV pic though.

  7. KayKay

    Is anyone else hungry for some chicken wings all of a sudden?

  8. Josh

    so the old hag actually looks a bit more toned, however leann isnt as tanned so her skin wont look like leather by the time she is the hag brandis age.

  9. Nicole

    Maybe LeAnn is just trying to show all those people (Brandi) starting anorexic rumors that they don’t have much room to talk…

  10. Whoa, this bitch is creepy

  11. random soup store

    leg fat… leg fat. not a good angle ladies

  12. Lovemypussyhairthick

    Man do I miss the days when there would be hair hanging out everywhere.

  13. Jill Ess

    Brandi is skinner. LeAnn is such a fattie!

  14. blonde

    So effin’ weird.

  15. Miraygd

    OK, Maybe this is us old pedos fault. I remember when she first came out that EVERY man (in private) said they would fuck ‘er like Tanya Tucker (a previous bone hardening teen.) It is hard to keep up with that image when you mature. Now the sluts are put out that way by disloedeon just because of their tits and ass. No talent fucks with an autotune. So she had talent and was cute enough to fuck, even if it meant 20 years in the pen. She needs to stop beeing 14 in her mind. Glory Days

  16. Ted

    She did this on purpose idiots..how can you all completely miss the point, Nicole has it right.

  17. christina

    you know you’re anorexic / have an eating disorder when your inner thighs do not touch…ie, leanne rimes.

    • Vic

      You know you’re stupid/ignorant when you don’t know that everyone’s bone structure and muscle development are different.

  18. filo bedoe

    Man alive so many people are just whacked!! A woman should have some weight on her, not be stick thin so that the bones are shwoing through!! This is what hollyweird has bestowed upon our young girls and society. Women believe that if they wear a size 8,9 or a 10 that they are whales and that’s just absolutely absurd!! There’s nothing like a woman with a nice full figure, solid legs that aren’t all flabby yet big enough to fill out a pair of 501′s and the same for her plumpalicious ass too!! Our women need to get back to basics and “be a woman” not a damn walking stick no matter what or who tells them it’s the fashionable way to be!!!!

  19. Steelerchick

    Just waiting for LeeAnn to start boiling bunnies soon.

  20. deedee

    This truly is superficial, but it is entertaining – in a sick kind of way..

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