1. Andy

    gee, these Last Exorcism ads aren’t annoying AT ALL

  2. Antoinette

    I like Leanne Rimes, always have. I think this anger pointed at her is ridiculous. She & Eddie deserve some peace and happiness. I am sorry there is a woman that feels bad that her hubby left her for someone younger but it happens, you gotta get over it!

  3. Mordred

    I thought Leanne was her own woman. Eddie’s ex-wife was correct and Leanne only had them done for him.

  4. Julee

    Leann Rimes is SO freakin messed up. She had to get seats in a fashion show in New York by ‘asking’ for them ;not invited. She says her main handbag essential is a bottle of tequila. Yeh! Now she is media whoring that she wants a baby with hubby. Horseface has hit bottom. Probably paid the dude to hit her house for the publicity. Leann- Michael Lohan is tweeting u.

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