1. I think the bikini is adorable. I for one, am glad that this ‘classy’ style is coming back in. I think for many it will be fun to be sexy without having to show everything! (that just makes it more fun for when you do! *wink*)

  2. Not bad at all, methinks. It may just be that I’m so jaded from all the macrovision POV n0rp that I find this classy and visually balm-like.

  3. She has a man’s face

  4. S

    this works for katy perry, not u

  5. Weird Al

    Kidding, luv the bikini.

  6. me likey

    you can tell she really loves cock! she can sharpen my pencil anytime

  7. blarp

    I don’t see the problem with her outfit in these pictures. I think she looks cute. She’s not incredibly fit, but she by no means has a bad body. The only thing that sucks is her music.

  8. Mike

    #1 – Not a bikini. Not all 2-piece swimsuits are bikinis.

    #2 – She looks great!

  9. Mike

    Look at her on the cover of Fit………………..sensational bikini body, absolutely beautiful as well

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