1. Dani

    Personally, it looks like she’s pulling a rat out of her mouth by the tail…I guess a tapeworm wasn’t enough, so she brought in a rodent.

  2. I htink she watched Valley Girl last night and is trying out “gag me with a spoon” to see how effective it is.

  3. Chicken broth doesn’t really count as food, does it?

  4. Her husband watches in disgust…


    even the guy on the right can’t stop staring.

  6. She’s not eating, she’s actually spooning the vomit out of her mouth, because leaning over to puke is so trashy.

  7. amir

    What a strange looking woman.

  8. Hugh (pronounced Huge) Johnson

    How many calories in prostate chowder?

  9. grossed out

    Sorry honey but it doesn’t matter what you do…you will never be as pretty, nor will you ever look as good in a bikini as your hubby’s ex.

  10. Whatever

    *Ugh* Just one… Just one… It will all be over soon… *chockes down vomit*

  11. “She swallows!!!”

  12. Ell

    “If I close my eyes maybe it’ll go away”

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