1. JofaMang

    Hello Karen Carpenter, circa 2011.

  2. mouthy moutherson

    The rib bone’s connected to the, ab bone. The ab bone’s connected to the, hip bone…

  3. djs

    I like it…I wish I looked like her…I’m running a marathon for crying out loud and I still can’t lose the damn fat

  4. run-that-by-me-again

    She’s right in that those are her oblique abdominal muscles running diagonally from her lower ribs,across and down to her hip bones…which you can also clearly see. She’s very lean but I think it’s her face that’s looking too thin these days.

  5. anna

    she looks digsutingly thin! It doesn’t match her face!

  6. Her fan is right – what is protruding are her hip bones – more specifically the ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine). The ASIS is a muscle attachment spot on the pelvis for muscles from the anterior thigh. Too thin – she probably doesn’t have normal periods or bm’s anymore.

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