1. Scort

    They seem a tad indecisive.

  2. JWP

    The problem with this chic is that no matter what she does to herself from the neck down, she’s still stuck with that goofy face. And Brandi is pretty much gorgeous.

    • Northeast Pennsylvania Association of Scrapple Producers

      and no matter what Brandi does, she’ll always be 10 years older than leann. besides, with the tits on either one of these broads, why would you even notice they had faces at all?

  3. Little Tongue

    It’s been awhile since she was photographed with that dude she (is she married to him or just banging him?) took from that other woman. Are they still together?

  4. According to my LeAnn Rimes sundial, it is a quarter to three.

  5. LegMan


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