1. dirt dog

    oh this is bad.

  2. Dear God… that… that just isn’t an attractive woman. She has the face of horse, that “skinny-fat” kind of body that when naked always has those gross pancake tits and to top it all off, she has the personality of a Lea Michele #ShesSoGrossINowKnowWhatGayGuysMustFeelLikeWhenTheyThinkAboutHavingSexWithWomen

  3. Looking at her tits is a hell of a lot of better than looking at her face.

  4. Dr Plaid

    She has put on some weight hasn’t she? I think her tits probably look pretty good right now. They are fully self supporting in these pics. You can see she has no bra or any other kind of support. Just uh, just keep looking at the tits…..

  5. Polka dots and fancy backdrops can’t camouflage that back fat roll.

  6. Lea

    Back Fat. Never Good

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