1. If this is her good side I do not want to see what she is hiding on the right.

  2. Tommy Lee's Dick

    Hahaha Fish. I swear to god, I come to this site for two reasons: to get the latest celeb gossip, and to read your articles about them. I like your style of humor. Why haven’t you written a book yet? You’re writing has flair and personality, and I can’t help but picture you as a 30-year-old man-child with a bottle of Jack in one hand and a joint in the other.

    This whole website is like your own personal satire since you’re obviously too clever a person to have a real genuine interest in this kind of shit. The kind of people you write for, the kind of people who love celeb gossip, will never appreciate what a creative writer you are because they’re all too dense.

    Keep up the good work — maybe start a political blog or something. Your writing screams Chuck Palahniuk.

  3. Slaphappy

    Her good side is her ass up in the air.

  4. Zyklon B

    Like most of her “colleagues”. It would be great to see her showering with me!

  5. Spocktopus

    Can’t read my, can’t read my
    No, you can’t read my butter face

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