1. iammegbo

    Is she pulling a Kunty Karl Lagerfeld move with that turtleneck hiding her loose, hanging neck skin? Lady, we already see the jowls, might as well add in the crazy neck.

  2. JC

    I always wondered what Beaker from the Muppets would look like if he had a sex change operation.

  3. john

    she played an alien in Men In Black, maybe it wasnt acting…..I AM JUST SAYING

  4. Men in Black, “We know Lara Flynn Boyle is an Alien.”

  5. She seriously looks like the face transplant guy.

  6. rubyskye

    thought it was kim kardashian

  7. Bingo

    She probably JUST got Botox done so she’s all swollen up from the injections. I mean, she still willingly had poison injected into her face in the name of vanity, but still!

  8. Mama Pinkus

    very sad – her extreme efforts to try to look young are aging her faster

  9. A very slim and somewhat ugly woman. Poor girl.

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