1. King Diamond

    God God!

  2. King Diamond

    Good God!

  3. Boo

    Oh my god!

  4. Meh

    I know a girl who looks EXACTLY like this! She is super-duper skinny, but her face is totally round and fat and bloat-y. It’s sooooo weird!

  5. wtf? Okay this is the most disturbing thing I have seen in a while..another former crush down the tubes.

  6. ohwhatthehell

    Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about my body.

  7. ohwhatthehell

    Thank you, Lara.

  8. circus

    Her body looks like Amy Winehouse’s which only means one thing…………..

  9. anon

    Not uncommon to see bizarrely enlarged parotid glands when someone is self inducing vomiting very regularly, creates this look where their face looks chipmunk like and puffy even though her body (classically hidden under baggy, thick clothing) is still obviously emaciated. this kind of facial swelling combined with whatever surgeries she’s gotten in the past (implants, fillers, whatev) is my guess

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