1. Isa

    Oh God, what the hell happened to her?

  2. somerandomchic

    Looking older I understand.. looking like a completely different person is just freaky.

  3. blonde

    “I’m melting! Oh what a world! what a world…”

  4. cagster

    Fugu Me!

  5. danielle

    Betty = Lara Flynn
    Don = Jack Nicholson
    its a real thing, people.
    its like their semen has magical face slimming properties.

  6. Hmm

    Lindsay lohan, is that you?

  7. kitty

    How the hell did they figure out who she is?

  8. Beason

    She kind of looks like the sister of this Star Wars Return of the Jedi character:

  9. This doesn’t look like bad face lift….she looks bloated from liquor ….

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