1. God is Black

    Halloween already? WTF is that on her feet?

  2. Jacknicholson

    Wow, this is the second pic of her coming out of a liquor store in about three days….looks like someone is an alkie for real…that would explain the haggard swollen face…puffy from the booze. Sad.

  3. Deacon Jones

    “My BRAINS are shrinking into MY FEET!”

  4. Frank Burns

    As she walks by homeless alcoholics, she can still hear them say “damn, lady, you needs a stylist”.

  5. blonde

    It’s one thing to date Jack Nicholson, it’s another to get plastic surgery to look like him.

  6. dontlooknow

    Looks like “Boxing Helena” wasn’t just a movie….

  7. me

    She wasnt in that movie. Do research before being rude.

  8. circus

    Looks like her face drove her to drink! I don’t blame her, I would to if I looked like that after paying someone to make me look better. Yikes!

  9. Splat

    Hey that face transplant lady is looking pretty good.

  10. looks like a fucking faulty mannequin

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