1. hubba hubba


  2. I look forward to the first comment that rejects her because one breast looks like it’s drooping a little here.

  3. Marketing Mike

    The surgical term is “wonky” tits,
    but I’d be all over these puppies.

  4. Who? and So what?

  5. Swearin

    “Babe, why the fuck aren’t you wearing the cat nose and blue makeup? This trip is ruined now!”

  6. itz

    He seems happy enough to see her…Or is it just a tuna fish in his pants?

  7. Lara Bingle has a spectacular pair of tits!

  8. GREAT TITS!!! YES!!!

  9. daniel

    ahh, yes fake titis are spectacularly and oddly round!!

  10. Interred Ferguson

    She looks frighteningly like Jerry O’Connell in this pic…don’t get me wrong, though…..ass tapping would still ensue.

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