1. ktulu

    I just wish she’d figure out no one wants to see those chimp tits again

  2. Eric

    Desperation pours out of her every move

  3. Masmi

    This is dumb, I went to her concert in September and she wore the same outfit. Glad you just got the memo.

  4. Zod

    What I noticed, for a 24 year old her breasts sag way too much! Perhaps she should refrain from showing them? Ktula, I agree Chimp Breast. Too free for too long. I shudder to imagine her nether regions :^(

  5. Double D

    There have to be better ways to suck up to Pope Benedict. Like bringing him a six-pack of Killians dark and twin boy scouts.

  6. Lady Gaga makes my pants tight,

  7. bob turkey

    She needs her head to be examined. Except she is brainless. To mock a religious organization is absolutely ignorant and downright disgraceful. She makes money doing stuff like this which adds to the problems of leading teenagers astray feeling that they can become famous by also acting like an idiot

  8. theTruth

    lady gaga is a POSER

    I hate her

  9. theTruth

    britney spears is back gaga can go home now

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